donderdag 16 februari 2012

3 Simple SEO Tips for Higher Page Rank

A website’s page rank determines its importance in the internet and is an effective tool in making sure that your site appears in relevant searches. Here are three simple search engine optimization tips you can easily implement on your site to achieve a higher page rank.

Site Map

The more pages a website has, the more it needs a site map with every page linking to the site. This is made so that search engine robots like Google find every link with just a few clicks. Instead of a mini site map for small websites, you may also use a navigation bar.

Multiple Domains

If your website supports several niches, then multiple domains will work best since search engines list only a single domain page for every search made. Also, most directories accept only home pages for their listings so the more domains you have, the more directory links you will get.

Social Media Widgets

Most websites are now turning to the power of social media not just for branding but also to increase a website’s search engine value. This makes it easier for readers to “like” or “tweet” content and share it with their network. This will serve as a free advertisement for your business.

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Freelance Termen


zonder een vaste arbeidsovereenkomst, niet in vaste dienst

kleine zelfstandige ondernemer die in opdracht diensten verleend

Zonder vast werkverband

Freelance is het werken voor een persoon, project of bedrijf zonder vast dienstverband aan te gaan. Een persoon die op freelance basis werkt wordt een freelancer genoemd.

Zonder duurzaam contract

Wanneer je werkt als freelancer, werk je zonder vast werkverband ofwel dienstverband. Een freelancer is niet in vaste dienst en werkt zonder arbeidsovereenkomst.
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