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ROI On Social Media

ROI On Social Media

People love social media, it’s all about networking  and branding and it is important that you periodically review the ROI of your social media efforts. Here are seven ways,  useful to some degree or another.
1. Money: Yes, there are  indicators (below), but a prime and main one should be the bottom line.
It’s called social networking for a reason, and the point of networking is to meet new people and get new business.

2. Traffic:  One way to know if your social media efforts are paying off is if you can see a significant uptick in traffic, and, even better, conversions.
Traffic can mean , It can be unique visits to your website, page views, actual traffic in the store, increased sales, more blog readers and more comments on your site. but most important  is that, however you measure traffic, your social media efforts can elevate it.
Some tools  to check out for measuring your online traffic patterns:
· Google Analytics: Allows you to track incoming links, sites, etc.
· WordPress: You can add Google Analytics to your dashboard with a plugin.
· TweetMeme: If you have re-tweet buttons on your site, TweetMeme Analytics are very useful.
3. More followers: Having Facebook fans and Twitter followers is great but here’s the but ? those followers better be doing more than stroking your ego for you to say that your social media campaign is a success. Are they re-tweeting your links?

4. More real relationships:  By tweeting smart, you  create relationships with people you otherwise would not have met, and, as a result, boostr business  with 34 percent at least a year.
Looking to just create as many Facebook fans as possible, no . do it  by engaging people online in such a way that they wanted to do business with you instead of just create numbers that do nothing.

5. Increased brand awareness: Social media is fantastic for building a brand and getting your business better known so this is one area where getting more followers for its own sake is in fact OK  cuase the more people who learn of you by following you, the better.
Measure your brand awareness?

1. Followers, fans, and connections. As indicated, for this purpose, more is better.

2. Re-tweets and similar links: People re-tweeting your tweets or linking to your blogs and sites is the ultimate compliment online and  means they like you and promote you.

3. Positive online mentions: Viral Heat and Twendz can help you analyze online mention of your business and where those mentions are coming from, so you will be able to see, for instance, if all of your tweets translate into positive online buzz.

6. Budget savings: Your social media efforts may lead to a reduction in other marketing expenditures. If your social media efforts cause you to spend less on marketing, that is a tangible and valuable ROI.

7. Better customer relations: It is no secret that companies are turning to Twitter in a bid to handle online complaints in a better and more timely manner. So if your social media efforts mean fewer complaints and happier customers, congrats. That’s real ROI.

While it may seem as if the ROI on your social media is difficult to calculate, in reality it’s just like the rest of your business. You need to track it, analyze it, and tweak it when necessary.

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zonder een vaste arbeidsovereenkomst, niet in vaste dienst

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